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Gear Review: Life Outdoorz Hammock Straps

Hammock Hanging with My Life Outdoorz Straps I was excited to get a new set of hammock straps because it’s been way too long since I’ve used my hammock.  Life Outdoorz hammock straps forced me to re-commit in mixing my hammock back into my adventure rotation.  With that said, I decided to head out on a camping trip with my dog BeeGee.  The straps are 10 feet long and 2 inches wide coming in at 23oz and the incredible ability to hold 2,204 pounds.  The straps are wrapped around a tree, fed back through a metal O-Ring, and then 1 of the carabiners hooks onto your hammock.  While you are at it, check out Check out the   Life   Outdoorz   website; however, be prepared because the website is extremely underwhelming. BeeGee and me in our hammock getting ready for bed As it turns out BeeGee isn't a huge fan of being in a hammock.  I guess the rocking and it feels too unstable for her to get comfortable.  I hoped by putting a bug net around the hammock, it would help her

Gear Review: Tlishtan Bike Pump

Testing Out my New Mini Bike Pump So I was lucky enough to receive a free bike pump from Tlishtan.  The pump feels durable and is 8 inches when in its compact mode.  Another nice feature is a life time warranty; however, after searching for a website, Tlishtan doesn’t have one.  So I wouldn’t put much faith in that.  Thankfully, instructions aren’t really required for a pump and the instructions printed on the package are more than enough to get you going.  So sit back and continue to read the review. Opening up my new bike pump When I received my Tlishtan Bike Pump, I was a little surprised by what was in the package.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pump with a design like this.  The pump has an internal screw on connector that slides out instead of the normal fixed end.  Tlishtan made its pump out of aluminum and the ability to connect to Presta and Schrader valves.  Furthermore, this pump weighs is on the heavy side at 5.4 oz (according to my kitchen scale) and can

Trip Report: Trail of Lights, Austin TX

A Walk through Austin’s Trail of Lights On the 18 th of December, Linda and I headed out to the Trail of Lights in Zilker Park, here in Austin.  The Trail of Lights (TOL) is similar to Santa's Ranch and the Hidalgo Festival of Lights ; the difference is that people walk, not drive, through the TOL .  Before going, I thoroughly checked to see if pets were allowed, but unfortunately, they wanted BeeGee (and her soon-to-be-included sister) to stay home.  Our trip, on a chilly night, began with a Capital MetroRail ride downtown and then a shuttle ride to Zilker Park.     Selfie at the Zilker Tree! Trail of Light’s Background Information The Trail of Lights (TOL) began in 1965 as the Yule Fest and is now 1.25-miles long.  After 50 years, TOL has evolved from a small community event into the large event that it is today.  There are multiple activities at TOL: there is a fun run, pictures with Santa, a Yule log, a Ferris wheel and carousel, food trucks, live performan