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Trip Report: Big Bend Round 2 - Day 2

Rugged Trail Through the Canyons As I've said before, I'm notoriously bad for breaking camp in the morning and ended up getting a slow start. As I was haphazardly packing up camp, I saw the group from the Dodson Trailhead in the distance. This got me to kick it into high gear in an attempt to start walking before the group was able to spot me. I was quick enough to avoid detection, but eventually, the group caught up to me. The group ended up breaking into 2 groups, and we leapfrogged each other a few times before making it to Dodson Spring. An amazing sunrise in Big Bend At the spring, we talked for a bit, and they asked me a few more questions about what to expect. I ended up heading out before them, and we met a few minutes later at Fresno Creek where everyone took a break and filtered water. During my break, I wandered around a bit, which led me on a walk down Fresno Creek. I found a little canyon with some fast flowing water, and I took a few pics before headi