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Food Review: Sampling Freeze Dried Food from Wise Food Storage

Two Brothers Taste Test of Wise Food While I was at the Ellett Brothers Gun Show in South Carolina with my dad, I was lucky enough to run into Joe Rieck from Wise Food. We ended up talking to him about how much we liked prepping. Luckily my dad said that my brother and I write a blog and Joe was nice enough to hook us up with some samples. I don't know if sending some samples is a wise foods thing or if Joe pulled some strings just for us. None the less Joe sent us some food and we appreciate it, so thank you Mr. Rieck. We finally got a chance to try our Wise Food on our most recent trip to Goodwater Loop . we picked pasta alfredo, tomato basil soup, and brown sugar and maple multi-grain cereal for breakfast. If you’re interested in Wise Food finish our review and then check out their website here .  Pasta Alfredo Jack’s Take My favorite had to be the pasta alfredo of all the things we tried. Not only am I in love with some alfredo pasta, for me Wise did a pretty good j

Trip Report: Goodwater Loop Round 3

Angela’s Big Adventure For the majority of the group hiking, we are no strangers to the 26-mile trail that travels around Lake Georgetown.  If you want to see a little of our history in the area, you can check out our attempted  mountain bike trip  or our first  hike  of the trail.  BeeGee, Angela, Jack, and I headed out to Goodwater Loop on March 12, 2016.  This was Angela’s first big adventure.  To build up for this Angela was able to go on a few day hikes and one overnight car camping trip.  All of this seemed to work perfectly because she was a perfect little adventure buddy. Because we have been here before, I will only provide a quick background for Goodwater Loop.   The Background Location: 2100 Cedar Breaks Rd, Georgetown, TX 78633 Admission: $5 admission and $20 campsites. Primitive sites are free Elevation: 790 to 950ft Weather: Sunny and warm, 50 to 75F Difficulty: Difficult Website:

Trip Report: Sherwood Forest Fair

A Trip in Time: Headed to a Ren Fair Over the weekend, a buddy and I headed over to the Sherwood Forest Renaissance Faire in McDade. Located within Bastrop County, the natural beauty of Elgin's wooded areas perfectly evokes feelings of an older time. Now in its 7th year, the fair has quickly grown to become one of the largest events of its type in the state of Texas, touting over 40 stage acts and 130 vendors. Of course, with so much to see and do, we could only see a small selection of the offerings of the fair. And the offerings of the fair are great indeed, as there's no dearth of variety among the acts, which spans the gamut of everything from stage comedies to live glass blowing (a very educational act!). One act in particular that stood out to me was the comedy/juggling act of "The Jester of Muncaster Castle", Paolo Garbanzo, who engaged his audience in very authentic and enthusiastic ways that left a smile on everyone's faces. Around   midday,