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Trip Report: Big Bend National Park Day 1 & 2

Travel Day and Backcountry Driving Jack and I recently headed out to West Texas for a multi-day adventure. We left Austin on November 10 th and returned November 15 th . Our plan was to do a few short hikes, little backcountry driving, and finish with backpacking the Outer Mountain Loop. We also met up with our Dad (Bmo) and Jonathan (cousin) for added excitement and fun. Check out Day 3 ,  Day 4 , and Day 5&6 . The entrance to Big Bend National Park. Courtesy of NPS Big Bend National Park Background Location: 310, Alsate Dr, Big Bend National Park, TX 79834 Admission: $25 admission per vehicle, $14 campsites, $12 backcountry pass Elevation: 1,800 to 7,832 ft. Weather:  Varied from rainy, cloudy, and sunny, 40 to 80 F Difficulty: Strenuous Website: Big Bend National Park is part of the Chihuahuan Desert and covers 801,163 acres (the 14th largest National Park in the US). The park is in West Texas “bend” and

Trip Report: Lake Travis Zipline Adventure (Video)

Zipping at Lake Travis On October 30 th  Linda and I headed just outside of Austin, Texas for an exciting adventure at Lake Travis Ziplining Adventures. Check out the zipline video below. This was also the first-time Linda and I experienced a zipline where you don’t handbrake to stop. Lake Travis Zipline Adventure Background Location: 14529 Pocohontas Trail, Volente, TX 78641 Price: $118 per person (frequently have discount codes for email subscribers) Weather:  Sunny, 75 to 85 F Difficulty: Easy to Moderate Website: Posing for a quick pic with Lake  Travis behind us. Lake Travis Zipline Adventures (LTZA) is a ziplining company just outside Austin, Texas and their tour is approximately 3-hours long through Lake Travis and the surrounding hill country. The entire tour has 5 ziplines ranging from 250 feet to 2,800 feet (the longest zipline in Texas). Between the ziplines there is hiking with the longest trail about 1 mile

Pedernales Falls and Real Ale Brewing Company

Trip Report: A Day Hike at Pedernales Falls Guest blog by Anais R. check her out on   Facebook . As some of you know this wasn't our first trip to  Pedernales Falls , so make sure to check that out. A few Saturdays ago, November 5 th , found me on a day trip to Pedernales Falls State Park and Real Ale Brewing Company. I went with a friend on this one instead of my dog, since the dog doesn't really appreciate beer the way I do. We got to Pedernales Falls State Park around 9:30am and since we only had a couple of hours to hike, headed straight up to the Pedernales Falls Trail System to start. The weather was perfect and stayed right around 70 degrees the entire time, although it did start to rain as we were leaving the park. We walked the trail a few minutes to the Falls Overlook and then descended to actually hike over the rocks surrounding the falls. It was pretty quiet at first, but within the next 30 minutes or so the place was overrun with families, Cub Sco