Trip Report: Lake Travis Zipline Adventure (Video)

Zipping at Lake Travis

On October 30th  Linda and I headed just outside of Austin, Texas for an exciting adventure at Lake Travis Ziplining Adventures. Check out the zipline video below. This was also the first-time Linda and I experienced a zipline where you don’t handbrake to stop.

Lake Travis Zipline Adventure Background

Location: 14529 Pocohontas Trail, Volente, TX 78641
Price: $118 per person (frequently have discount codes for email subscribers)
Weather:  Sunny, 75 to 85 F
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Posing for a quick pic with Lake  Travis behind us.
Posing for a quick pic with Lake  Travis behind us.
Lake Travis Zipline Adventures (LTZA) is a ziplining company just outside Austin, Texas and their tour is approximately 3-hours long through Lake Travis and the surrounding hill country. The entire tour has 5 ziplines ranging from 250 feet to 2,800 feet (the longest zipline in Texas). Between the ziplines there is hiking with the longest trail about 1 mile long.

The Drive

We didn’t have to wake up incredibly early because it was a quick trip out of Austin to LTZA. Upon arrival, it is a gravel driveway in a residential area. I quickly wondered if this was the starting location for the adventure, but it wasn’t, which is ok because it was a small area. The area has trees, chairs, and hammocks all around. Plus, there are a bunch of Cornhole setups to kill some time if you are too early. You can also find the main check in area, that has LTZA swag, bathrooms, and an overnight cabin.

The Main office at LTZA
The Main office at LTZA

Linda and I checked-in first and with some extra time before we started the adventure, decided to walk down to the lake. After bumming around the grounds for a while, our tour guides called us over to a 15-passanger van and drove us down to a dock. We jumped on a boat and headed to “Zip Island”.

The boat ride out to the zipline course
The boat ride out to the zipline course

Baby Zips

Off the boat, we walked over to a building and covered area where we could use the restroom one last time and gear up. The guides sent us up the trail to the first of our baby zipline. The group stopped too early as we came to a platform and zipline. When the guides showed up seconds later, they got the group back on track. We reached the platform for the 1st zipline, which is somewhere between 250 – 300ft and intended to be a nice warmup to help everyone get over their fears.

Getting used to the course on the baby zip
Getting used to the course on the baby zip

There was another short walk and we were at the platform for the second baby zip, which is about 300ft long. Linda and I were at the back of the line, so we had ample time to look around at our surroundings before zipping off to the next platform.

The Leap of Faith

Finally, it was time for a long zip, much longer than either one of us had experienced before. The Leap of Faith is 1,800 feet long. Before we take off, the guides stop us for a group photo and couples’ photos with an amazing photobomb background. This platform had nice views of the lake and cliffs, and since we were still last Linda and I had time to take it all in. Being so long, it was incredibly hard to stay in one direction, and I ended up backward or occasionally spinning all the way around.

Looking out from the Leap of Faith Platform
Looking out from the Leap of Faith Platform

The Line of Majesty

The Line of Majesty is the 4th zipline and comes in at 1,600 feet, and was my favorite zipline of the day. There is a nice covered area by the zipline platform, Linda and I took a few pictures to here and admired the overlook. As you zip, the view is amazing as you zoom by cliffs on one side and the lake on the other side and underneath you.

Linda over  Lake Travis
Linda over  Lake Travis

The Double Barrel Shotgun

The final and most interesting zip is the Double Barrel Shotgun, at 2,800 feet is the longest in Texas. The name gives it away, but this zip has 2 lines running next to each other so you can get a little race in.  This one is a little weird because they hook you up and you must walk to the edge of the platform before starting. 

The trail up to the final zip. It's  about a mile long hike
The trail up to the final zip. It's  about a mile long hike

This zipline required what felt like a mile long hike and some pretty steep inclines. It took us a bit of time to make it all the way up in the mid-day heat. Once we were ready to zip, our race began with Linda off to an early lead, but I’m guessing my extra weight allowed me to fly by her for a healthy win. This zipline ends at a neat patio and bar where you can lounge around and drink if you’d like; however, the bartender hadn’t shown up so we just settled for free water because it was plenty hot.

Getting ready for the race with Linda on the Double Barrel Shotgun
Getting ready for the race with Linda on the Double Barrel Shotgun

After making back to the gear building, we dropped our gear and headed back to the boat to end our adventure. The long zips were amazing and I look forward to trying out their night zip tour.

The Patio, the final stop on your tour and a chance to relax
The Patio, the final stop on your tour and a chance to relax

Let us know your experience with ziplining and your favorite place to go ziplining. Also, if you like the blog follow us on Facebook to keep up to date.


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