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Trip Report: Garner State Park

Crowded Car Camping at Garner State Park Angela, BeeGee, Jack and I were all able to get 2 days off at the same time and we decided we needed to take a trip somewhere. Since it has just begun cooling off in Texas and the promise of Halley’s Comet, there was a shortage of available campsites around the state. Thankfully, we found a few spots at Garner State Park. Angela, BeeGee, and Jarrett posing on a huge rock on the Blinn River Trail The Background Location: 234 RR 1050, Concan, TX 78838 Admission: $8 per adult, Children under 12 are free; $15+ for campsites Elevation: 1320 to 1890 ft. Weather:  Sunny, humid, low 80s Difficulty: Easy to strenuous Website: Garner State Park - Day 1 We had a later start than preferred but, we hustled out to the hill country as quick as we could. Making good time, we made it with plenty of time to set up the tent, realize we forgot the water, and found a backup water c