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Gear Review: InstaFire Fire Starter (Video)

Testing out InstaFire’s Best Fire Starter Being able to start a fire is an import skill an outdoorsy person should know.  This is because starting fires are very important when in a survival situation or just an enjoyable commodity where you can sit back and relax with friends and family. Yet there is always a danger starting a forest fire, burning yourself, or not being able to start a fire fast enough. In a survival situation starting a fire quickly can be life or death even in a non-survival situation weak fire skills can lead to a bad time.   Today I will be reviewing a new fire starter.  I was able to get a few samples of a product called InstaFire from my current boss.  He was able to score the sweet swag from a TrueValue market. InstaFire is a granule like fire starter most commonly in a two oz bag. So we were very excited to try this product out to share with you fine readers. About the company   The idea for InstaFire came in 2007 by the founder Konel

Introducing Angela

About Angela Linda demanded Angela get a bio larger than anyone else and I said ok as long as she did all the work.  Angela will be going on adventures with the team as long as Jack continues to be her handler.  So sit back and learn a little more about her.   Angela's Bio Angela was a two-year-old pupster when Michelle and Linda found her at the Isabel Y. Garcia Animal Shelter in Port Isabel, TX.  Not much of her story is known before then, but it is assumed that she spent her first two years in that coastal town, and at some point had puppies.  Who knows how long she had to face the mean streets on her own, but it does not seem like it was a long time, since Angela still hesitates to venture outside of her home. Anyway, Linda and Michelle had been thinking about getting a dog, so when the Laguna Madre Humane Society sent Facebook notices to the community that the Shelter was at overcapacity and would have to start euthanizing dogs, Michelle and Linda headed over.