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How to Start a Fire in a Survival Situation (Videos)

Adventure With BeeGee Fire Starting Mashup Today we have a mashup of all the fire starting videos Jack has made over the years (we will continue to update as we explore new and exciting fire starting techniques). These various methods can be used while hiking, camping, during a disaster, for prepping or just for fun. So have a watch and I hope you enjoy our videos. Jack using one of his backup techniques to light a fire Fire Starting with a 9-Volt Battery In this video, Jack walks everyone through the simple steps of using a 9-volt battery to ignite steel wool.  While this might no be the best backup method for hiking, it has a valuable use during a disaster. Fire Starting with Hand Sanitizer In this video Jack shows us how easy it is starting a fire using a little hand sanitizer.  Hand sanitizer can be found everywhere and most people even take it outdoors on adventures.  Not only is hand sanitizer good at keeping your hands clean, all the alcohol in it

Adventures With BeeGee: Messing with Scammers

Making Life Hard for a Scammer Today is a little different from the normal post.  Recently a scammer wanted to become my Facebook friend and then commenced to try and scam me through the messages.  BeeGee and I decided to have a little fun and trolled the guy all day.  Its in reverse order so start and the bottom and work your way up (sorry that is how Facebook exports its data).  The real take away is everyone needs to be careful on the internet.  Scammers are every where and they want your money. Farias Moreira Ramiro, Jarrett Morgan Farias Moreira Ramiro Monday, May 2, 2016 at 4:22pm CDT Hello sir i did hear from you or your secretary i want to know where i stand have you made the transfer Farias Moreira Ramiro Monday, May 2, 2016 at 8:16am CDT Hello sir Farias Moreira Ramiro Monday, May 2, 2016 at 7:09am CDT This is the bank details so i hope you transfer the funds today so that will can move on with the transaction Farias Moreira Ramiro Monday,

Trip Report: Ellett Brothers Show

Ellet Brothers Showing off the Goods At the moment, I am working for a small hardware store in central Texas and we happen to sell firearms. We buy a lot of our products from a wholesaler called Ellett Brothers based out of Columbia, South Carolina. Every year they have an exclusive dealers show. I was lucky enough to go in the to this year’s show at the beginning of 2016. By going to this kind of trade show, we are able to set up our orders for the year, so we know we won’t run out of product .  It’s just like pre-ordering. Father-son shenanigans My dad and I were able to fly out of Austin, TX without a hitch; however, the trip became a lame layover in Houston, TX. We finally made it South Carolina and took a cab to our hotel. I don't mean to sound rude, but the taxi cab was the nastiest and most expensive taxi cab we have ever been in. after an awkward ride, we get the hotel and make ourselves at home while we waited for our store owner to fly in. He arrived a few