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Trip Report: Zip Lost Pines (Video)

Ziping at Zip Lost Pines A group of us headed to Zip Lost Pines near Bastrop, Texas on May 6, 2017. Zip Lost Pines is an interesting use of the available land and an exciting adventure. Make sure you check out the video below to get an idea of the fun. If you are curious about our previous experience Zipling, check out a previous trip to Zipline Lake Travis Adventure . Zip Lost Pines Background Location: 1760 State Highway 71 W, Cedar Creek, TX 78612 Price: $115 per person (frequent Groupons so be on the lookout) Weather:  Sunny, 85 F Difficulty: Easy to Moderate Website: Big Lizard just hanging out Zip Lost Pines is located near Bastrop, TX (in the Austin area). The tour includes 6 ziplines and every line is a double, so you can race a friend every time. Thankfully, all the zip line platforms are close together so there isn’t too much hiking required. Zip Lost Pines is new to the scene and open at the end of 2016 an