About the Authors

About the Authors and BeeGee the Dog

I am new to blogging, but I have decided to give it a try.  This blog will chronicle the various things I do that can be considered adventures and will most likely be related to outdoors activities.   This blog will cover possible topics from hiking, camping, mountain biking, a little bit of kayaking, possibly road cycling, and other topics as it is presented.

 About Jarrett

Jarrett and BeeGee at Hanging Rock State Park
BeeGee and me at Hanging Rock State Park, NC
To get things started, I am married, but my wife doesn't enjoy the outdoors like I do and would prefer to leave the adventures to me in most cases.  My current partner in crime is my dog BeeGee, which is how the address was chosen.  She frequently goes hiking with me and biking on shorter rides.  I recently moved to very South Texas, the Rio Grande Valley, from central North Carolina.  I am looking forward to continuing my outdoor adventures in Texas. The big difference being that North Carolina was full of mountain biking locations and hiking, The Appalachian Trail being the big one.  Unfortunately, The Rio Grande Valley has very limited hiking and mountain biking opportunities.  This saddens me because those are two of my favorite activities; however, it appears new possibilities are being presented in the form of fishing and bay kayaking.


About BeeGee

BeeGee at Hanging Rock Mountain
Crazy BeeGee Looking Over a Cliff
I figure BeeGee deserves her own specific introduction as she will be my accomplice in most, if not all my adventures.  She is almost 5 years old and I have had her for a little over a year, I got her from a shelter.  She is a mix of something, lab/terrier or possibly lab/schnauzer.  We have taken a few agility classes so she can do some nifty tricks, like jump through tires, and is mostly behaved.  She loves running and carries her own backpack on most outings.  She is energetic and sweet but will unfortunately give chase woodland creatures if given too much of a chance.

About Jack

he is an animal lover
Jack petting an escaped kangaroo at Busch Gardens
Hi everyone.  My name is Jack Morgan and I am Jarrett's younger brother by seven years. I don't like the outdoors as much as BeeGee does, but I do love being outside very much. I am from the Austin, Texas area. I currently work at a hardware store selling firearms and lumber. In addition, I go to school for code welding. Plus, I spend most of my outdoors time playing paintball, mostly at Petty’s Paintball. I lean more towards the extreme sports like shooting, skateboarding, and paintball but still love camping and a good hike. I'm looking forward to being able to go on sweet adventures with BeeGee in the future because it’s always much more fun when you are able to do things with family and friends. #teammate

About Dustin

Looking stylish
Dustin and Jenny
My wife jenny and I have been residents of San Antonio, Texas since 2012 and, like my cousin; have spent a few years in an extremely humid environment. In my case, it was Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Having grown up in South Central Texas, I'm used to the heat here. While I truly enjoy all of the physical exertion of any outdoor activity, my favorite part of any trip is getting outfitted with the stuff I think I might need. Rarely are what I think I need and what I actually need the same thing, but I'm sure under the tutelage of Jarrett that will quickly be remedied.


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