(Video) Firearm Cleaning 101

(Video) Firearm Cleaning 101 With Jack

Today Jack is back with another post.  He has created a video detailing how to clean a bolt-action rifle and a pump shotgun.  I hope the video shows you a few tricks and you enjoy the presentation.

at Palmetto State Park
A Picture of Jack and BeeGee at Palmetto State Park

Firearm Cleaning Video

Or you can check out the video on The Adventures With BeeGee YouTube channel.  We also have a pistol video if you are more interested in pistol cleaning.


Jack: Hey guys this is Jack with Adventures With BeeGee. We're gonna do a shotgun and bolt action rifle 101 cleaning real quick.

Jack: So first thing you guys are gonna need is some eye protection number one, always. And then you are gonna need some sort of firearm cleaning lube.  I've got some Hoppes here, but my favorite happens to be some CLP. It’s made by Break-Free. Another good one out there is Frog Lube.  A little expensive for my taste but great stuff. Pretty much every company makes their own cleaner. Next you're gonna need a cleaning kit. I recommended buying the all caliber cleaning kit. That way you don’t have to worry about going back and buying a whole other kit. If you just get the all caliber cleaning kit. Then you are gonna need some cotton swabs and cotton pads. You can probably use cotton balls if really want, but I mean they sell these thousand for a couple bucks.  Maybe a rag.  I like rags.  Then a light or a bore light. I just got this little Maglite for like 10 bucks. Not that big of a deal.

Jack: So you want to put your eye pro on.  And, you want to make sure that all your firearms are checked, and you want to check them twice. We happened to check them off screen.  But, I'll go ahead and give you guys a little look. That way you guys can see that, that guys clear. And check this guy [gun] real quick. Here we go. I hope you guys can see that.  So, I'm gonna start off with this guy [gun]. Most bolt-action rifles will have a little tab either I think the Remington 770s have a little flip up thing. All you gotta do is push down. Let's see.  I figured this one out. Push down on this and the bolt should come right out. Easy Squeezes. So, take that out and set aside.  Then clean it a little bit. So you want to get your ramrod. It should come in your kit. If not you are going to want one these bad boys. Make sure you get 3 pieces. I think they sell two pieces. For your rifles you're gonna want a 3 piece. Otherwise it's not gonna go all the way down into the breach and you're gonna have a bad day. So get one of your cotton pads. Get your favorite cleaner and wet this guy down [cotton pad]. Take it under and grab the rifle and the ramrod. See if I can do this with you guys seeing it. Now shove it down in there. And it will come out the back. See this guy [cotton pad] happens to be already pretty clean.  So we're going to quit with that. You can also run your wire brush down in there [gun barrel]. Most cleaning kits come with them [wire brush]. You can clean off any lead, copper, or what's left. Set that guy aside [ramrod].  Get your rag or you can one of these. I happen have this triangle bandage I use. Get this guy [triangle bandage] pretty wet. You want be pretty liberal. Especially with the cleaner. Cleaner, lubricant, preservative. Like the CLP, like I like. Then clean and wipe this guy down real well. It helps keep a little rust off and all the crude. Then all you have to do is; most both have some aligning tool. This one happens to have these two little dog-ears.  Let's see if I can do this. You should be able to align it just right. Like so. It just slips right back in and locks in. Then you want, it's a good idea generally to wipe the barrel down. Wipe your scope. Make sure nothing is rusted or loose. Then I like to check my bore. A little trusty flashlight. Just to make sure there is nothing down in there. The last thing you want to do is have something down there [barrel] next time you go shoot. Then have a catastrophic failure. So we cleaned that guy [rifle].

Jack: Move on to our little trusty pump-shotgun. It's pretty much the same deal. You just bust this guy [shotgun] down into two pieces. Unfortunately, I don't have a semi auto [shotgun] to show you guys. But it's the same concept. You put the bolt back and just run the ramrod down as needed. The same thing. Wet that guy [cotton pad] down pretty good. Ram this guy [ramrod] down, down the shotgun. See mines pretty dirty. Do it as needed and run your wire brush down there. Make sure you get that clean. If you have a semi-auto you're dove hunting or something like that, and you keep stove piping. Chances are your gun is filthy. So just go ahead and take that guy [shotgun] apart. And then go ahead and clean it up real well.  It's a big problem. Wet this guy down [rag]. Wipe this guy [shotgun] down. Get in the breach a little bit. Whatever I can reach, I wipe. Check down in here [barrel].  That looks super good.

Jack: Sometimes if you want to be real lazy, sometimes I put a towel down inside my safe. Then I spray them [firearms] down with CLP real well. Then I stand them [firearms] up on the barrels and let it drain out. Not the best process, but sometimes it works really well.

Jack: Alright guys thanks again, signing off, and have a good one.

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