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Book Review: 12 Steps To A lighter Pack

12 Steps To A lighter Pack - Book Review Time to add some real content to this blog now that my introduction is out of the way.  Since I am stuck inside for the next few days, the wife has job training; I will start off with a simple book review.  A little Background 12 Steps to a Lighter Pack is written by Steven Lowe, an outdoorsman looking to reducing his pack weight.  Having served in the Military I can relate to always carrying around a heavy pack and the desire to reduce that weight.  So on a whim, and needing something new to read, I borrowed this book through the kindle lending library for free (as an eBook). There are 65 pages, which provide a quick and easy read.  However, this book is clearly a book meant to build excitement over the author’s next full book, which as far as I can tell has not been published. This is a good book but not necessarily a great book.  You can also check out Steven's website at , but it is a little light on

New Adventure Blog

About the Author and His Dog I am new to blogging, but I have decided to give it a try.   This blog will chronicle the various things I do that can be considered adventures and will most likely be related to outdoors activities.    This blog will cover possible topics from hiking, camping, mountain biking, a little bit of kayaking, possibly road cycling, and other topics as they are presented.  If you didn't already know you can find the blog  here .     BeeGee and me at Hanging Rock State Park, NC  About Jarrett To get things started, I am married, but my wife doesn't enjoy the outdoors like I do and would prefer to leave the adventures to me.   I am hoping to change her mind about being outside.  My current partner in crime for these adventures is my dog BeeGee, which is how the address was chosen.   She frequently goes hiking and biking on shorter rides with me.   I recently moved to very South Texas, the Rio Grande Valley, from central North Carolina