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Trip Report: Austin Ghost Tours

A Walk with Ghost Linda is back and she was kind enough to write up a recent trip report.  We went on a downtown Austin ghost tour.  So stick around and keep reading for a great post. The Details Austin Ghost Tours: Haunted Historic District Walking Tour Website: http://www.austinghostto Location: Begins at Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill - 303 Red River, Austin, TX 78701 Price: $20.00 Us at the train station waiting for a ride The Trip Halloween is the perfect day of the year to have a birthday.  It means I can always make sure Jarrett partakes in Halloween festivities J .  For example, I love ghost stories and ghost tours.  Jarrett, on the other hand, does not even want to consider the idea of ghosts.  So, on any other night, Jarrett would have refused to go on a ghost tour with me, but since it was my birthday, he could not refuse.  Jarrett and I are also history buffs, and we just moved back to Austin, so when I found out about the Haunted His

Trip Report: Texas Triple Threat (Video)

Playing Viper Paintball’s Texas Triple Threat Jarrett and I started the trip off by waking up a little late on Saturday.    Thankfully, we made it just in time for the mandatory player meeting, which covers all the general rules and safety rules. After the meeting, we had a few minutes to get all our gear ready.  It’s easy for paintball veterans to get tired of the players’ meeting because it’s mostly the same rules and information. However, they are very important part of the game helping to ensure everyone stays safe. Us geared up and ready to play The Details Location: 550 Bateman Rd, Red Rock, TX 78662 or coordinates 29.931842, -97.458883 Hours: Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 6 pm Price: general admission $12.00, paintball $45.00 for 2,000 paintballs, rental package $20.00 (includes paint marker, air tank, mask, and 100 paintballs) Website:  and Check out the logo if you need to contact Petty Paintball

Trip Report: Violet Crown Trail

Riding the Violet Crown Trail So Linda sent me an article about a new trail opening on August 14 th  in Austin, The Violet Crown Trail. I decided to go out and give the new trail a try on August 15 th .  The terrain was similar to Purgatory Creek .  There were a lot of rocky limestone sections, but Violet Crown had better surrounding scenery.  Lessons learned on this trip:  it was already blazing hot outside at around 9:30 AM, and the trail was packed with hikers, walkers, and runners. Background Information Location: 30°15'51.3"N 97°46'23.7"W, in Zilker Park near Barton Springs Admission: Free or $5 on weekends, holidays, and special events Elevation: 480 to 700 ft Weather: Sunny, 96 F Difficulty: Easy to Advanced Website: The Violet Crown Trail (VCT)  came to exist in 1999 and required 15 years of land purchases to get the area needed for the project to begin. Currently, t