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Recipe: Backpacking Pancakes

Easy Backpacking Pancakes I have been on the lookout for new recipes to try on our trips.  One of these recipes was for easy pancakes, which I tried during our trip to Pedernales Falls State Park.  I usually just eat instant oatmeal for breakfast, but I decided there might be something even better out there. A finished backpacking pancake.  Tasted and approved Original Ingredients 1 cup biscuit mix 1 Tbsp. dry milk 1 Tbsp. Sugar 2/3 cup water 1 Tbsp. margarine squeeze Serves: Approximately 6 Our Ingredients 1 cup biscuit mix 1 Tbsp. dry milk 1 cup water 1 scoop protein powder 1 Tbsp. butter or 1 Tbsp. ghee Serves: Approximately 6 At Home Before heading out, mix all of the dry ingredients into a quart size zip lock bag (a larger size bag might not be a bad idea either). Then mix everything in the bag well by squeezing and mashing. Original dry ingredients:  biscuit mix, dry milk, and sugar. Our dry ingredients:  b

How to Start a Fire with a 9-Volt Battery (Video)

A Quick way to Start a Fire Using a 9-Volt Battery and Steel Wool (Video) Starting a fire in an emergency situation can save lives.  That is why it is so important to know how to start a fire using multiple methods in less than ideal weather.  When you are cold or wet and the wind is strong, fire starting will keep you warm and dry out your clothes.  Jack starting fire with a 9-volt battery and steel wool. This will start a fire in most conditions  There are multiple ways to start a fire in any situation, my go to method is a mini lighter; however, there are many other great ways to start fires.  Today, Jack has prepared a video on using a standard 9-volt battery and a handful of steel wool.  Make sure to check out all of Team Adventures With BeeGee Videos on our YouTube Channel .     Transcript Jack:  Hey guys its Jack with Adventures With BeeGee and the other day I was talking to my buddy about starting fires. He didn't know that you could a fire wit

Trip Report: Pedernales Falls Day 3

Trip Report: Backpacking Pedernales Falls Day 3 It’s time for the 3 rd and final day of our recent trip to Pedernales Falls State Park.  If you missed out on the past fun, make sure you check out Day 1 and Day 2 of the trip.  Breaking Camp Once again, I was glad to be awake, having spent close to 12 hours in darkness.  BeeGee and I woke up before Jack again and I decided BeeGee should wake him up again. So, we stealthily tried to unzip Jack’s tent and before he could wake up to stop us, BeeGee bolted in to wake him up him successfully. BeeGee waiting patiently.  She is ready to continue adventuring.   After that, we had a quick breakfast of oatmeal while breaking camp.  I was a little sore that morning from sleeping awkwardly trying to keep BeeGee warm.  Jack also mentioned he was sore from all the miles the day before.  If BeeGee was sore, she didn’t show it.  Once we broke camp, we began the 2-mile walk back to the Wolf Mountain Trailhead.  We then drove to

Trip Report: Pedernales Falls Day 2

Day 2 Backpacking Pedernales Falls State Park If you just started reading, this is the second day our backpacking trip in Pedernales Falls State Park.  Make you sure you catch up by reading Day 1's  and Day 3's trip reports.  Jack eating breakfast at Pedernales Falls State Park.  Getting energy for a long day of hiking. Breaking Camp After spending close to 12 hours in the dark (it was a cloudy, moonless night), I was ready to get up and do something.  I let BeeGee out of our tent so she could make sure Jack was actually awake.  She accomplished this by sticking her nose into the side of the tent and power sniffing.  After everyone was awake, we cooked a breakfast of pancakes and Tactical Bacon.  Finally, we broke down our tents, packed our bags, and headed out for adventure.  Our Campsite for 2 nights at Pedernales Falls State Park Wolf Mountain Trail We quickly made our way back to the fork and started our trip up to Wolf Mountain.  The tra

Trip Report: Pedernales Falls Day 1

Day 1 of Pedernales Falls State Park In December, the majority of the team (BeeGee, Jack, and Jarrett) met up for an easy backpacking trip at Pedernales Falls State Park.  It was a great trip and the weather remained mostly nice.  There was no rain and the weather never got too cold. Follow the adventure with Day 2 and Day 3 .    The Pedernales Falls State Park Entrance Sign. Courtesy of Where the Trails Are Pedernales Falls Background Location: 2585 Park Road 6026, Johnson City, TX 78636 Admission: $5 admission and $20 campsites Elevation: 900 to 1090 ft. Weather:  Cloudy, 40 to 60 F Difficulty: Moderate Website: Pedernales Falls State Park is over 5,000 acres and the scenic Pedernales River runs through the park.  Pedernales Falls is near Johnson City.  The park itself was purchased in 1970 and opened as a state park in 1971.  The trails are mostly old 4x4 tracks that were used by the previous owner

Most Popular Post of 2014

Adventures With BeeGee’s Most Popular Post of the Year We are back and I hope everyone had some great holidays with friends and family.  I know we did! furthermore, we were able to do a few adventures with the extra free time and trip reports will be posted soon. Adventures With BeeGee has only been around for about 6 months, but we have published over 50 posts so far.  As number of post continues to grow, it can be difficult see everything or remember which post you would like to come back to later.  So, have a look at the year’s best articles or bookmark it so you can have a look later.  The popularity was decided by our readers based on total number of page views of each post.  Your page views determined the top 5 most popular post that are being shared today.  And of course, the winner is saved for last. Number 5: Our First Trip to Goodwater Loop This post is over our first attempt at Goodwater Loop in Georgetown, Texas.  Jack and I tried to mountain bike the