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Trip Report: 2nd Street Trail, McAllen

Riding the 2 nd Street Trail in McAllen I am lucky enough to have an urban trail near my house known as the 2 nd Street Trail, which I run and ride my bike on all the time to stay in shape.  This trail is the much easier than the Mission Trails or Goodwater Loop , but is still pretty fun and great for training.  I headed out on this ride on the morning of Veteran’s Day (11/11/2014).  The trail lined with flags for Veteran's Day The Background: Location: McAllen, TX Admission: Free Elevation: 90 to 125ft Weather: Sunny and lovely, 70 to 75F Difficulty: Easiest Website: None The 2 nd Street Trail is a mostly concrete trail, with a few sections of asphalt, which parallels 2 nd St.  This trail is great for bikers, runners, walkers, and commuters.  The trail is approximately 8 miles long from end to end, but can be increased further by jumping on to other urban trails.  Moreover, the trail is offset from the road to increase the safety, but

(Video) Pistol Cleaning 101

(Video) Pistol Cleaning With Jack Jack has put together another video for us today, where he describes how to clean and maintain pistols: both revolvers and semi automatics.  I hope you are able to learn a few things or at least enjoy the video.  If you need help cleaning you rifles or shotguns, check out his cleaning guide . A Pistol, magazine, and ammo Pistol Cleaning Video Or you can check out the video on The Adventures With BeeGee YouTube   channel . Transcription Jack: Hey guys this is Jack with Adventures With BeeGee.  I'm just gonna go ahead and do a quick pistol cleaning course real quick.  Jack:  So, first thing you guys are going to need is your eye pro. Never forget that. So, let's go ahead and put that on.  Second, it would be a good idea to get a firearm.  Then, go out and get yourself a little ramrod for 10 bucks.  I recommend getting the rifle, the shotgun, and the pistol one.  It's the all in one so you don’t have to go out

Get Your Dog Ready to Run

Start Preparing Your Dog to Run Now that it has finally cooled off, it’s time for BeeGee to start joining me on mountain bike rides.  I am really pumped about this and I bet she will be too.  Unfortunately, with the move from North Carolina and the heat of south Texas, I have neglected our weekly runs.  So, I have put together a small guide to help you guys get ready to run with your pups (and help me!).  This article was updated December 16, 2014.   Running with your dog is fun and rewarding.  Courtesy of WikiMedia The Preparation First things first, ensure your dog is healthy enough to even begin training with you, which should be done by your veterinarian.  Moreover, pets that are too old or too young shouldn’t run either.  Young dog’s bones are still developing and training should wait until they are over 6 months.  Furthermore, large and giant breeds need to wait even longer, around 18 months.  As for older dogs, that is harder to set a specific time frame, so

Gear Review: High Sierra Wahoo Hydration Pack

High Sierra Wahoo Hydration Pack Review Background and design: When you're on the trail for the day, two of the last things you want to worry about are having enough space to pack what you need and having to find a place to refill your dihydrogen monoxide stock. Available through Amazon here , this was another Woot! purchase for me. I picked this bag out because I was looking for a larger reservoir after having to stop too frequently to refill my much smaller CamelBak pouch when adventuring. The bag itself is rated at 14 Liters and can hold a 2 Liter water reservoir. It's not overly large at 18.25"x 9.25"x 7" and weighs in at just under 2 pounds without the bladder. The Wahoo in all of its awesome One of the many great features of this pack is the pockets on both sides of the waistband, shown above. The pockets are large enough to hold an energy bar or other small items, and the padding on the inside of the waistband is thick enough to keep

Fredericksburg Get-Away – Part 2

Our Trip to Fredericksburg, Texas Part 2 This is the second part of our trip report to Fredericksburg, Texas.  You can see the first part of the trip  here . After waking up from our nap, Jarrett and I went to August E’s, a restaurant specializing in what it describes as “Nouveau Texas Cuisine.”  I am not sure how to describe what the menu consists of other than it involves seasonal ingredients.  Jarrett knows I am not an adventurous person when it comes to food, but he is, so this was the perfect place for him to make reservations at.  I will say I had the most delicious, softest, juiciest, and best steak I have ever had.  Jarrett had the nilgai, which is the largest Asian antelope, and seemed to enjoy it very much.  The waitress asked if we were celebrating anything, and when we told her it was my birthday, they gave me a delicious custard for desert, on the house.  The waitress also took the time to take a picture of us.  It was the perfect romantic dinner, the kind you see

Fredericksburg Get-Away – Part 1

Our Trip to Fredericksburg, Texas After multiple technical difficulties, I can finally post about our Halloween get-away.  Jarrett planned a trip to a surprise destination to celebrate my birthday that weekend.  On Halloween evening, we headed out to historic Fredericksburg, a small town with a rich German history just west of Austin and San Antonio.  We arrived at Metzger Sunday House, a bed & breakfast originally built by the Metzger family towards the end of the 19 th  Century.  The Metzgers were farmers living far from town, so they built this small home in Fredericksburg to allow them to do their shopping on Saturdays and go to church on Sundays.  Sunday Houses were actually so common in Fredericksburg that the town now boasts an abundance of similar bed & breakfasts. The Metzger Sunday House. A nice little B&B Arriving at the Metzger house was like taking a step back in time.  It has historical furniture which you are actually expected to use (unlike in m

Book Review: Easy Hiking Recipes

A Book Review Covering Easy Hiking Recipes I hope you all can forgive me for all the book reports because I still have a few more in the works.  I’ve had various types of appointments recently preventing me from getting outside so reading about adventures is the best I can do.  Today’s book review will be over Easy Hiking Recipes: Simple Meal Ideas for Day Hikes and Other Outdoor Adventures .  This book is full of ideas to fuel your outdoors experiences. Some Background Info Easy Hiking Recipes: Simple meal ideas for day hikes and other outdoor adventures   is a 136-page book written by Tiffany Picard.  Picard is an avid hiker, recipe lover, and rock climber.  If you would like to learn more about Picard and her recipes, you can check out her websit    here .  Easy Hiking Recipes is available in eBook and paperback and I purchased the eBook version.  Lastly, this book covers a ton of recipe Picard recommends taking on your outdoor adventures.    I was looking for

Book Review: Backpacking: The Ultimate Guide

A Book Review Covering Backpacking: The Ultimate Guide Today I am going to do a book review covering Backpacking: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started on your First Backpacking Trip. This book was a pretty short and quick read. Plus, the book can provide some excellent knowledge to beginners and their quest to improve your adventure skills. If you want to see even more book reviews, you can check out all our past book reviews here .   Backpacking: The Ultimate Guide The Background Backpacking: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started on your First Backpacking Trip is approximately 36-page book written by Timothy S. Morris. Morris is a self-publisher and has a few other books covering prepper topics. The Ultimate Guide is available in eBook and paperback and I have the eBook version. Finally, Morris’s goal was to cover all the basic fundamentals of backpacking. I purchased it to see if there was anything that could be useful in my future adventures. I constantl

Trip Report: Mission Mountain Bike Trails, The Night Ride

A Night Ride at the Mission Mountain Bike Trails I have been frequently heading out to the Mission Trails and to make sure it stays exciting, I have been trying to night ride as much as possible.  You can read about my original trip report to the Mission Trails here .  One day I will finally finish my comprehensive guide to the Mission Trail system, but I keep finding new sections when riding.  At this point, I don’t feel like I have mastered the trail, so the guide will have to wait a little longer.    Found an orange inch worm hitching a ride.  She just wanted to see the world The Background Location: 26.192494, -98.330125, Mission, TX Admission: Free Elevation: 100 to 115 ft. Weather:  Night, windy, 82F Difficulty: Easy to intermediate Website: (unofficial) As I have explored the mission trails a little further, it seems there are 3 main trails:  The paved trail that travels to the birding center, the named trails (there a