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Gear Review: TechSavvy Selfie Stick

TechSavvy Selfie Stick TSi:  A Gear Review on my Second Selfie Stick The Background Similar to my Kengadget Selfie Stick review, there is very little information available about TechSavvy.  However, feel free to check out their website here . This website was pretty basic, only having an about us, warranty, and product page. Honestly, there was no point of the website except for the warranty page.  Finally, the Selfie Stick cost $24.95 on the TechSavvy page, but can be found for $9.99 .  The contents I received: a pink accented selfie stick, USB charging cable, lanyard, instructions, and a small carabiner. New Pink Selfie Stick and all its accessories. Purpose The whole point of the selfie stick is to take pictures of yourself and friends with ease; however, I find it increasingly hard to get people to take selfies with me.  There seems to be a negative vibe about using a selfie stick in public.  Selfie sticks are designed to be lightweight, extendable pol