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Trip Report: Big Bend Day 4

Hiking on the Dodson Trail This is day 4 of our recent trip to Big Bend National Park make sure you catch up and read the reports from the previous days: Big Bend Days 1&2  ,  Big Bend Day 3 , and Big Bend Days 5&6 . Wake Up To be the desert, we sure experienced a decent amount of rain and moisture every morning. This resulted in a lengthy process of shaking our tents and rain flies out in order to prevent wetness in our packs (keep our sleeping bags dry). Then we started boiling water for breakfast and finished packing up our gear.  Jack posing at the beginning of our Dodson Trail day. I made him carry the water for a little while.  We were approximately .5 miles in on the Dodson Trail with another 11 miles to walk and 2,000 feet of elevation change before making it to Blue Creek Trail. With our oatmeal and coffee finished, we were back on the trail around 6 am. Sunrise on the Dodson Trail The Dodson Trail Back to walking, the Dodson quickl

Trip Report: Big Bend Day 3

Hike Through the Chisos Mountains Make sure you follow the adventure by checking our backcountry driving from days 1 & 2 during our trip to Big Bend National Park and check out Day 4   and Days 5&6 . Wake Up One of my first task when waking up was checking on Bmo after he was forced to sleep in his truck with only a blanket due to a leaking tent. He was alive and mostly warm, so we all jumped in my car for a few minutes with the heat on. Once we were all fully warmed up, it was time to boil water for oatmeal and Malt-O-Meal. Finally, Jack and I packed up our gear then made our way to the Chisos Visitor Center to pick up our backcountry permit. The trailhead at Chisos Basin We went in ready to go with plan B from the day before because of the increased bear activity; however, the clerk said we were good to go on the Outer Mountain Loop (OML) if we were just passing through without camping in the Chisos Mountains. The clerk was nice and knowledgeable while pro