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Gear Review: Primus Yellowstone Classic Trail Stove

A Long-Term Review of the Primus Classic Stove I have been using this stove for about 5 years as my primary stove and I’ve never had an issue. If you want to learn more about different stove types, make sure you check out our previous post Stove Basics 1 and Stove Basics 2. When I was getting back into backpacking, I needed an affordable stove and this was the best option at REI . This stove is ubiquitous in outdoor stores, but the best price is generally Amazon . Background Weight: 8 oz Size: 2.8x2.4x2.9” Boil time: approximately 3 min BTUs: 10,000 Price: $15 to $20 Canister stoves are generally considered lightweight and durable. The fuel source is an isobutane and propane mix in small metal canisters, which is where they get the name canister stove. The canister is generally the heaviest part of the setup and doesn’t get any lighter as your burn fuel. Finally, canister stoves are extremely easy to use and maintain. How I Use It I have used