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Trip Report: Trip to London

A Holidays Trip Abroad Travel Agency: Go-Today Flight: Delta Airlines Destination Route: Austin to Atlanta to London Return Route: London to New York to Austin Hotel: London House Hotel It had been years since Jarrett and I had gone on a vacation to a foreign country.  Actually, we had not traveled anywhere since our honeymoon to Peru, four years back.  So, when a Group-On deal to travel to London became available in September, I took the chance to book a trip for Jarrett and me for our anniversary in December.  The following is an overview of our trip: Day 1:  As predicted, Jarrett and I were exhausted from traveling overnight, and the last thing we felt like doing was figuring out the train route we should take to our hotel.  Fortunately, I had reserved limo service through Go-Today travel to pick us up and transport us to the airport.  They state that they will wait for you for 2 hours after your scheduled arrival time. We arrived early, but there was a long

Trip Report: Big Bend Day 5 & 6

Completing the Outer Mountain Loop This is the trip report for our final Day on the Outer Mountain Loop and the drive home. Make sure to catch up with  Big Bend Days 1&2 ,  Big Bend Day 3 , and Big Bend Day 4 . Sunrise on Blue Creek Trail Wake Up When we went to bed it was warm out, but waking up everything was covered all our gear was so wet and required extra shake outs. We had our standard oatmeal and coffee for breakfast then started our walk a little before 7 am before, which was before sunrise.   Orange fungus on Blue Creek Trail Blue Creek Trail The trail was just a continuation of the day before, gravel drainage area with cairns spread around to guide you. I’ve read online it’s easy to miss the cairns and get lost in the drainage area, but I’d think that would be pretty hard to do as there is only one way to travel in a canyon. A cave a little ways off trail on Blue Creek After about an hour of hiking, we saw a huge cave in the