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Trip Report: Colorado Bend Park

Spontaneous Trip to Watch the Super Blue Blood Moon Having finally comprehended the rarity of the upcoming Super Blue Blood Moon, I decided to plan a quick overnight camping trip. I quickly looked at a light pollution map to locate the nearest state park with a low level of light pollution. My 2 best options were Enchanted Rock State Park and Colorado Bend State Park. I went with Colorado Bend because BeeGee is allowed every in the park (unlike Enchanted Rock), and I knew BeeGee wanted to see a crazy r are moon event. Super Blue Blood Moon at Colorado Bend State Park Background Info : Colorado Bend State Park is 5,328.3 acres in the Texas hill country and contains springs, caves, trails, sinkholes, and a river. If you want to bring a pet (aka your best bud), they are allowed as well on leash. Address : 2236 Park Hill Dr, Bend, TX 76824 Admission Cost : $5 entrance fee; $10-15 for campsites Difficulty : Easy to strenuous Getting Ready I called the Colorado Bend P

Trip Report: Pace Bend Park

Adventures with BeeGee’s First Patreon Hiking Trip We just went on our first Adventures with BeeGee monthly hike with supporter Linda! The trip was short, but fun nonetheless, and know we know what a cool location Pace Bend is. A rough patch of Lake Travis shoreline Background Info : Pace Bend Park is a Travis County Park and sits on the shores of Lake Travis. The park has 9 miles of lake shoreline, limestone cliffs, rocky alcoves, and over 15 miles of multi-use trails. If you want to bring a pet (aka your best bud), they are allowed as well on leash. Address : 2011 Pace Bend Rd N, Spicewood, TX 78669 Admission Cost : $10 per vehicle; $15 per night; $20 for RVs Difficulty : Easy to intermediate Map of Pace Bend Park The Drive Out Pace Bend Park is about 1 hour from North Austin, and the drive takes you through the gorgeous Texas Hill Country. If you enjoy a swerving, up, and down road then the trip will be a blast. If you get car sick easy, plan your route care