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Gear Review: Kengadget Selfie Stick

Kengadget Selfie Stick:  A Gear Review on my First Selfie Stick The Background As hard as I tried, I really couldn’t find any information about Kengadget.  You can check out the Kengadget website here (not to be confused with KensGadgets).  Overall, the site is pretty barren, but the most important page is the warranty registration page.  What comes in the box: 1 41-inch Bluetooth selfie stick, 1 anti-shake orange rubber pad, 1 wide angle lens, 1 charger, 1 lens cover, and 1 lens bag. What comes in the box: you get everything you see here Purpose The whole point of the selfie stick is to take pictures of yourself and friends with ease.  The design is a lightweight, extendable pole that allows the user to take a picture from up to 41-inches away.  This is done with a push of the button at the base of the pole by syncing the selfie stick and phone using Bluetooth.  How I Selfie While I am not exactly sure how to add the Kengadget Selfie Stick into my a

Outdoor Movie Review: A Walk in the Woods

Outdoor Movie Review: A Walk in the Woods Director: Ken Kwapis Based on the book by: Bill Bryson Early this week, Jarrett was extremely enthusiastic about going to the movies.  It seemed strange to me that he was excited about going, given how he considers movie theaters to generally be a waste of money.  I responded enthusiastically though, eager to get a chance at a movie date we hadn’t been on in a while.  The Cinematic Poster for A Walk in the Woods On the way to the movies, Jarrett explained to me that A Walk in the Woods was about the wilderness and he was excited about the movie because of the panoramic views of the Appalachian trails.   When we entered the theater, only three other couples were there.  We should have taken that as a sign that this movie was not going to be as entertaining as we hoped it would be, but we didn’t.  The Good:   The movie is inspirational, and at times very funny. It stars Robert Redford as Bill Bryson, a famous t