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Food Review: Nile Valley Hibiscus Tea

My First Experience Hiking with Tea After a long days hike in cold weather, there is nothing like setting up camp and having a warm beverage to heat yourself up. Normally, I like some sweet coffee because I am a caffeine fiend, but on our trip to Pedernales Falls , I decided to use hibiscus tea as my go to warm beverage for our adventure.    Nile Valley's Tea Ready to be Served Nile Valley Herbs Background Not only can tea be a delicious drink, but Nile Valley Herbs also supports a good cause through The Mother Maryam Foundation .  The foundation has supported many projects in the Northern Province of Sudan. Nile Valley has regular hibiscus or mint hibiscus. So, for every purchase a portion is donated to help those in Sudan. Nile Valley Helps to support this clinic in Sudan On the Trail I have never had any hibiscus tea before this, so the taste was definitely a shock.  It took a little while to acquire a taste for hibiscus (I began by drinking it

Trip Report: Playing at Petty’s Paintball

Jack’s Corner: Playing some Paintball One of Jarrett and my favorite things to do is going out for a day of paintball. Our favorite place to play at is Petty’s Paintball. Petty’s is a small family owned field located between Lockhart and Bastrop just south of Austin, TX. Both of us have been playing paintball for many years, but I’ve been playing longer than Jarrett. However, we both love the sport and play whenever we get a chance. The Details Location: 550 Bateman Rd, Red Rock, TX 78662 Hours: Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 6 pm Price: general admission 12.00, paintballs 45.00 for 2000, rental package 20.00 Website: and The Big Games One nice thing about Petty's Paintballs is that they host large games called scenarios. Scenarios are continuous games that are played for multiple hours generally in some sort of wooded area. Jarrett and I are planning to go to a 26-hour scenario hosted by Petty’s and V

Food Review: Tactical Bacon in a Can

My First Taste of Bacon from a Can On a previous hike to Pedernales Falls State Park, I brought along some CMMG Tactical bacon in a can. Tactical bacon is fully cooked bacon with added smoke flavor that is conveniently placed in a, you guessed it, can. It is manufactured by CMMG, which is a company that builds and sells firearms. The can has about fifty thin slices of bacon in it and weighs around 9oz. The product has a long shelf life, lasting around 10 years. Canned bacon is great for camping in the great outdoors, the zombie apocalypse, or just around the house because you love bacon just as much as BeeGee and I do. CMMG's tactical bacon in a can I ended up buying the tactical bacon because I love bacon and I wanted to take some backpacking to see if it was completely awesome or just regular awesome. The weight was great for me at only 9 oz., but some might find this too heavy for just a portion of a meal. However, 9 oz. gets you around fifty slices of bacon, which c

Trip Report: Purgatory Creek Trails

Riding the Purgatory Creek Trails Well I’ve been busy and I always mean to get back to blogging but end up too busy with life.  As the weather cools, I plan to get back out adventuring and return to blogging.  Another exciting note (which I completely forgot about), Adventures With BeeGee is now over a year old! Now it’s time for our latest bike trip report to Purgatory Creek. On July 19 th Jack and I headed out for a ride after a long time without a trip. Purgatory Creek Natural Area Trailhead The Background Location: 1414 Prospect St, San Marcos, TX 78666 Admission: Free Elevation: 600 to 750 ft Weather: Sunny, Hot, 98F Difficulty: intermediate Website: Information Booths at the Start of the Trail The area is 570 acres and close to downtown San Marcos and make sure to have a look at the Purgatory Creek Map before you head out.  Furthermore, the Purgatory Creek Natural Area is broken up into three sections