Fredericksburg Get-Away – Part 2

Our Trip to Fredericksburg, Texas Part 2

This is the second part of our trip report to Fredericksburg, Texas.  You can see the first part of the trip here.

After waking up from our nap, Jarrett and I went to August E’s, a restaurant specializing in what it describes as “Nouveau Texas Cuisine.”  I am not sure how to describe what the menu consists of other than it involves seasonal ingredients.  Jarrett knows I am not an adventurous person when it comes to food, but he is, so this was the perfect place for him to make reservations at.  I will say I had the most delicious, softest, juiciest, and best steak I have ever had.  Jarrett had the nilgai, which is the largest Asian antelope, and seemed to enjoy it very much.  The waitress asked if we were celebrating anything, and when we told her it was my birthday, they gave me a delicious custard for desert, on the house.  The waitress also took the time to take a picture of us.  It was the perfect romantic dinner, the kind you see in the movies.  Leave it to Jarrett to pull off something like that.
Having a great meal at August E's in Fredericksburg, TX
Us At August E's

On Sunday morning, we woke up very early, but Jarrett’s brunch reservations weren’t until 11:30 a.m.  We struggled to find something to do.  There doesn’t seem to be very much open on early Sunday mornings in Fredericksburg.  However, the Amish Market opened early, so we visited it before brunch.  We had actually tried to visit it twice on Saturday, but both times it was closed.  All of the store’s products are Amish-made, and they include jams, butters, cheeses, etc.  I must admit I was not particularly interested in these products.  My eyes and all of my attention were drawn to the fabulous wooden furniture that is for sale at the back of the store. 

The attendant explained to us that if we did not find a piece of furniture we liked, we could ask for a particular object and the Amish could very possibly build it for us.  They feature genius pieces such as a toddler feeding seat, which can be turned into a rocker OR a desk.  Still, I did not grasp the level of their creativity though until I found myself looking at a beautiful full-length mirror.  I was almost drooling as I pictured this piece in our bedroom.  The attendant noticed this and then revealed to me that the mirror is also a large jewelry box.  It is the perfect place to hide your jewels from break-ins.  She then proceeded to showing us another full-length mirror, only this one had been modified to conceal weapons.  If we already had a house to live in, I’m sure we would have left empty bank accounts.  Nevertheless, we made sure to take note of the fact that they deliver anywhere in Texas, so I’m sure we will return to the Amish Market in the future. 

The shed converted shop at Little Farm Haus
Linda at the Farm Haus Shop

Finally, we had brunch at the Farm Haus Bistro, a romantic restaurant offering fabulous Eggs Benedict and other brunch musts such as mimosas.  There is a beautiful garden behind the bistro, and people visiting Fredericksburg can also rent cottages there.  It was the perfect place to eat at before heading back to South Texas. 

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  1. Amish stuff is awesome, sounds like an interesting spot if I ever make it to Texas.

    1. It is a neat little town. One of my favorite things the Amish had at the store were mirror safes. You could get a gun cabinet or a jewelry holder.

  2. Linda looks very pretty in the blue sweater!! Are the mirror/jewelry holders costly??

    1. I think she was looking good too! The mirror hidden safes are pretty expensive, over $1k, but I still want one.


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