Fredericksburg Get-Away – Part 1

Our Trip to Fredericksburg, Texas

After multiple technical difficulties, I can finally post about our Halloween get-away.  Jarrett planned a trip to a surprise destination to celebrate my birthday that weekend.  On Halloween evening, we headed out to historic Fredericksburg, a small town with a rich German history just west of Austin and San Antonio.  We arrived at Metzger Sunday House, a bed & breakfast originally built by the Metzger family towards the end of the 19th Century.  The Metzgers were farmers living far from town, so they built this small home in Fredericksburg to allow them to do their shopping on Saturdays and go to church on Sundays.  Sunday Houses were actually so common in Fredericksburg that the town now boasts an abundance of similar bed & breakfasts.

A small B&B located in Fredericksburg, Texas
The Metzger Sunday House. A nice little B&B

Arriving at the Metzger house was like taking a step back in time.  It has historical furniture which you are actually expected to use (unlike in many museums, where you can’t even touch the furniture), but with modern accommodations.  So, you can take your step back in time without having to deal with the inconveniences of that time.  I was very grateful of these accommodations the next morning.  Fredericksburg had temperatures in the 40s at night.  According to Jarrett, that night I, being accustomed to 90-degree weather, was curled up in a pretty tight little ball trying to conserve what little heat I could produce. He got up at when he saw this and turned on the heater.

2 signs explaining the Metzger family name
Inside the Metzger House and 2 signs explaining the Metzger family name

That morning, Jarrett and I woke up starving, so we headed out to the Old German Bakery & Restaurant. Fortunately, the Metzger Sunday House is also conveniently located just a block away from the Historic District, where the Old German Bakery is, so we were able to enjoy our delicious German pancakes in no time.  We really recommend this place.  Although it is packed, if you’re willing to share a table with strangers, you can be accommodated quickly, and the service is great.  Not really knowing our German food, Jarrett and I were about to order two German pancakes each, but fortunately our waitress explained to us how big they were.  She was right.  We were full after just eating one of those pancakes, but that didn’t keep us from buying some delicious freshly-made éclairs to snack on later on. 

located on the main strip in Fredericksburg, Texas
The Old German Bakery located on the main strip

After coming back from breakfast, I hung out in the front porch of the house, which features a swing and comfortable seats.  It was refreshing to peacefully sit out-doors for a bit, before Kay Kay from Majesty Tours, picked us up to begin our activity for the day – wine tasting.  We visited four vineyards. 

Linda enjoying the weather while sitting on the front porch
Linda enjoying the weather while sitting on the front porch

First we visited Becker Vineyards, which are relatively new, yet seem to follow the classic vineyard traditions.  I’m sure if you’re an experienced wine-taster, this is the place you want to visit.  They mostly grow their own grapes (as opposed to most others, which import them from Lubbock).  As we were to do in the next three vineyards, we tasted six different wines before being taken on a tour where we were shown the process of making Becker’s wines.  We finished our visit to Becker’s vineyards with an outdoors lunch in a beautiful long porch literally right next to a vineyard.

Look at all the wine barrels stacked
Inside Becker Vinyard.  Look at all the wine barrels stacked

Next we visited a vineyard with an image completely opposite to that of Becker’s vineyards – Fat Ass.  Fredericksburg’s newest winery focuses on making wine enjoyable and understandable to wine newbies, such as Jarrett and me.  Most of their wines are on the sweet side.  Their peach wine tends to be the most popular.  If you have the chance to visit Fat Ass, then make sure to get a bottle of that peach wine because sometimes they run out of it. 

One of the youngest wineries in Fredericksburg
Fat Ass Winery.  One of the youngest wineries in Fredericksburg

We followed by visiting Hilmy Cellars, which is more for those people who like dry wines.   The place also features delicious food you can order and eat in their beautiful porch.  It’s a nice, intimate winery.  I think it’d be a great place for a date. 

The entrance is mahogany and weighs over 500 pounds
Hilmy Cellars.  The entrance is mahogany and weighs over 500 pounds

Finally, we finished with 4.0 Cellars, where you can choose the wines you will taste based on your preferences.  For example, we like sweet wines, so we chose the sweet wine menu and tasted six different sweet wines.  Our assistant there was very informative yet approachable at the same time.  After chatting with her and another couple on the tour with us, we proceeded to looking at the cheese and chocolate, which you can add to your tour ticket.  We made sure to leave with an excellent Gouda cheese. 

3 wineries and artisan foods all  rolled into one place
4.0 Cellars:  3 wineries and artisan foods all  rolled into one place

At the end of the wine tasting tour, Kay Kay drove us back to the Metzger house, where Jarrett and I properly proceeded to eating our delicious éclairs and taking a nap before dinner. 

What have your experiences been in Fredericksburg ?  Also, if you like the blog, please follow us on Facebook.


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    1. It was nice. It was the first I've experienced cool weather since moving back to Texas.

  2. Do you have a desire to return to Lost Maples during the fall?? You seemed to enjoy that in the past. The Hill Country has so much to offer. Duck chasing in Boerne..

    1. I would love to hit Lost Maples again for the leaves changing, but I feel like I missed most of the color changes.

  3. Only knew about Sunday House Turkeys. Never knew the meaning behind Sunday House. If we could all be so lucky to own a Sunday House.


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