Book Review: Easy Hiking Recipes

A Book Review Covering Easy Hiking Recipes

I hope you all can forgive me for all the book reports because I still have a few more in the works.  I’ve had various types of appointments recently preventing me from getting outside so reading about adventures is the best I can do.  Today’s book review will be over Easy Hiking Recipes: Simple Meal Ideas for Day Hikes and Other Outdoor Adventures.  This book is full of ideas to fuel your outdoors experiences.

Some Background Info

Easy Hiking Recipes: Simple meal ideas for day hikes and other outdoor adventures is a 136-page book written by Tiffany Picard.  Picard is an avid hiker, recipe lover, and rock climber.  If you would like to learn more about Picard and her recipes, you can check out her websit  here.  Easy Hiking Recipes is available in eBook and paperback and I purchased the eBook version.  Lastly, this book covers a ton of recipe Picard recommends taking on your outdoor adventures.   

I was looking for a good cookbook to increase my trail recipe knowledge.  For the most part, I have a very limited menu and don’t want to commit myself to dehydrating my own food, so I have been on the hunt for easy, tasty meals.  As always, I was able to get this eBook free (on sale).  Currently, the eBook version cost $2.99 and the paperback is $6.29

What I like

I always like a book with good organization, which is probably because I always feel like I’m so disorganized constantly.  Easy Hiking Recipes is broken into categories and each recipe is clearly labeled.  Plus, in the eBook version, each recipe is clickable in the table of contents.  Another, great aspect of this book is that Picard included numerous options for each recipe to create even more variety.  Finally, all the recipes are high quality and sound tasty, and are frequently higher quality than the food I cook at home.

The Not So Good

As with even the greatest books, there are always a few flaws, and Easy Hiking Recipe has a few.  While for some folks the flaws I have found probably aren’t an issue.  The first issue for me is that most of Picard’s recipes take more time to prep than I like.  This might not be an issue for everyone, but I am a bit of a minimalist and like quick.  In addition, most of the recipes have to be prepared at home and only eaten on the trail.  I don’t like to spend a lot of time cooking on the trails, but a little time sitting and making food is a nice break from walking.  Moreover, many of the recipes will not last over a day making this book more suited to day hiking.  Finally, the recipes add extra gear (aka extra space and weight) to protect the food (Tupperware), to keep it cool (small lunch box), or keeping the food warm (thermos).

Final Thoughts

This book has some very good recipes and a few can be used for backpacking; however, this book is most valuable for day hiking.  I would highly recommend this recipe book to anyone that requires high quality food even on their hikes.  If you plan to backpack or do multi-day hikes, I would look for another recipe source. 

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