Trip Report: Texas Triple Threat (Video)

Playing Viper Paintball’s Texas Triple Threat

Jarrett and I started the trip off by waking up a little late on Saturday.    Thankfully, we made it just in time for the mandatory player meeting, which covers all the general rules and safety rules. After the meeting, we had a few minutes to get all our gear ready.  It’s easy for paintball veterans to get tired of the players’ meeting because it’s mostly the same rules and information. However, they are very important part of the game helping to ensure everyone stays safe.

at Petty Paintball
Us geared up and ready to play

The Details

Location: 550 Bateman Rd, Red Rock, TX 78662 or coordinates 29.931842, -97.458883
Hours: Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 6 pm
Price: general admission $12.00, paintball $45.00 for 2,000 paintballs, rental package $20.00
(includes paint marker, air tank, mask, and 100 paintballs)

Petty Paintball Logo
Check out the logo if you need to contact Petty Paintball
Playing in a scenario can end up being pretty expensive.  Entry for the weekend was $60.00 unless you get the early bird specials, and a case of 2,000 paintballs is $65.00.  Plus, it’s pretty easy to blow through more than one case of paint at a multi-day scenario.

From Viper Paintball
The Texas Triple Threat poster

Day One

We started the off the first part of the scenario having a huge firefight.  This giant battle took place in the middle of the field between 2 of the teams; maybe all three.  It was hard to tell who was in the skirmish with all the paint flying and everyone running around.  Plus, Jarrett spent most of the morning dead because he is a noob. After Jarrett was done being wrecked, and respawned, we linked back up and went out on a scouting mission. After wandering around in the woods on our mission, we chatted up a ref for a little bit.  Being a ref can be a lonely and boring the job, but very important for all the players.

Just sitting in the sun waiting to play
The stage where the player briefs always occur

After we finished that mission, we mostly went out and did our own thing.  This lead to us wandering around in the woods and getting into small firefights here and there.  And of course, we got out more than a few times.  Eventually, there was a game pause so everyone could rehydrate and eat dinner before moving into night play. 

at Petty Paintball
A red player defending out base

Night Play

Night play started out a little rough.  We started by walking down to our base after eating some good din din.  On the way, we were promptly shot even as we shouted we were out (by saying dead men walking and other similar phrases). Once in our night base (bases rotate during night play), we just hung out around the base.  We were waiting for it to get dark and watched others on our team play with their generation III night vision and infrared devices. Tired of hanging around we volunteered and finally got our first night missions.

Blue Base at Petty Paintball
What our night time base looks like in the day

Our mission was to take and hold a small outpost near the Castle.  Our team consisted of Jarrett, three kids, a random guy, and me.  The random guy was super unlucky and was eliminated by a barrel tag from a night ninja about half way to our objective. After securing the objective for only a few a minutes, we were discovered and a firefight broke out.  Luckily, the three kids drew most of the other team’s fire and we were able to stay stealthy. This allowed us to hold the objective for the allotted time.  And once the ref said time was up we hustled out of there.  After our quick and skillful escape, we headed back to base.  We ended up sitting around for about 15 minutes until The Blue and Green Generals decided they didn’t want to play anymore that night, so the game was stopped until the morning.

Blue Base at Petty Paintball
Messing around waiting for it to get dark

Day Two

The next morning, we showed up to play but felt a little tired from all the physical activities in the head the day before.  Instead of jumping back into the action, we noticed that Petty Paintball needed some help setting up the speedball fields, so we helped with that first.

While we were away, Red team ended up at the castle.  The nice thing about the castle is it is easy to defend.   So, Jarrett and I didn’t have to worry about our team being destroyed.  The allowed us to hook up with some of our team going to do a mission.  Of course, this many people moving through the woods drew a lot of attention and we ended up in a huge firefight. We got our fair share of kills in early in the battle.  The Jarrett and I got lucky enough to be shot by our own team.

The Castle at Petty Paintball
The Castle, our base for day 2

After this, I stayed in the Castle as long as possible and defended it to the last seconds.  Jarrett had something going on with his paint maker and ended up taking pictures the last 10 minutes. Once the game ended, we headed out of the playing field and prepared ourselves for the final battle.  Before the final battle began, we had to sit through another player’s briefing to learn all about the rules and safety.

Green attacking the Castle at Petty Paintball
A green player sieging the castle in the last minutes of the game

Final battle

The final battle is on two of the speedball fields to make one mega huge field with the empty space filled in with airball bunkers. The final battle is a three-way shoot, just a huge paint fest.  In the middle, there are five things called slapsticks. You slap the stick to make you team’s color showing up.  This gets your team points and the team with most points wins. Jarrett decided to abstain from the final battle (because he still had paint maker stuff going on) and I ended up have a maker malfunction at the start and had to sit out the rest of the game. We both just wandered around during the chaos and took pictures while trying not to get shot up too bad. 

After the final battle comes everyone’s favorite part the final score and the freebies.  I don’t remember/care who won, I just know it wasn’t Red Team.  Which means it’s not that important (joking, congratulations Blue Team!).  After the final score comes the various player awards.  Finally, all the free stuff is given away with special thanks to Viper Paintball, Petty Paintball, and Kee.

Final Thoughts

We had a great time playing the Viper scenario. The big games tend to be somewhat expensive, but worth it. Let us know if you are playing the next triple threat January 16 - 17, or if you played the smaller Petty Pink Santa scenario on December 5th.  Make sure to keep up to date on all our adventures by following us on Facebook.


  1. Thanks for sharing those trip report texas triple threat review. Really i enjoyed this post. Would like to see some other posts on the same subject! thank you!

    1. Thanks for the support. We will for sure try and get out there for some more paintball scenarios. They just are just a lot of work.


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