Gear Review: K3 PortaPower 6600 Due' Portable Charger

K3 PortaPower 6600 Due' Portable Charger Review

Today we have our latest gear review and guest post from my cousin Dustin.  He recently went on a weekend packing trip with us, and I'm sure more in the future.  Dustin has a lot of gear reviews for us after the trip.  So check out this and all his future post.

The Background and Design

Nobody likes to run out of battery on their electronic devices when there is not an outlet in sight. The K-3 Powerporta 6600 Due’ portable charger or a like device is exactly what you need to prevent such a catastrophe from happening to you anytime you’re on the go. (no longer available through K3) I bought mine on sale through Woot. I added it to my every day carry bag for the reason above and have never lamented its size, but after covering over twenty-six miles I began to question if my need for constant contact was really worth the extra weight.

On our hike of Goodwater Trail around Lake Georgetown, I finally got to put a piece of equipment I have been carrying around and using for more than a year to the test. I have been using the Due’ 6600 to charge my phone battery when it was low and I found myself without an outlet; usually, it was just for part of a charge until I made it home.  But on my most recent adventure, I was without a means to charge my phone for more than 48 hours given the scarcity of outlets in the back country and this is problematic for me, not just from a safety standpoint, but because I have to know what is happening on Facebook. There was also a shortage of maps at the park office when we checked in, so we resorted to using the downloaded PDF on my phone.

has the thickness of a quarter
The Due' 6600 has the thickness of a quarter

The K-3 Powerporta 6600 Due’ is not the smallest device ever at 4”x 2.44”x 0.9” and weighing in at almost half a pound (0.43lbs to be exact). If you are looking to pack as light as possible then the Due’ might not be something you want to include in your bag. But if you’re like me and the encumbrance of the extra weight outweighs the panic of possibly losing communication with the outside world then the Powerporta Due’ is the right thing for you.

is a little shorter than a dollar
The Due' 6600 is a little shorter than a dollar

The Due’ is so named because of the two outputs to enable you to charge two devices at once. Both charge at five volts, the first at 1 amp and the second at 2.1 amps. As the name implies the Powerporta 6600 Due’ has a 6600mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery that is powerful enough to fully recharge my Galaxy S5® twice before needing to be recharged.

 to charge two devices
Two USB ports to charge two devices

The brass of it:

Pros- The Due’ provides the peace of mind that you will have the power you need available when you need it.

Cons- The Due’ is not small or light by backpacking standards and it takes several hours to recharge once the battery is fully depleted.

 charging a phone
The Due' 6600 in action charging a phone


The K-3 Powerporta 6600 Due’ is ideal for day to day carry and if the added comfort of having a power reserve is worth the added weight to your pack you should consider it or one of its lighter cousins or keep your phone off unless you absolutely need it. Like for the internets. 

So if you take gadgets out on the trails, let us know how you keep them charged.  Also, if you like the blog, please follow us on Facebook.

Dustin H.


  1. Good read even for the non outdoors person too . I have been considering these type gadgets for gifts, therefore I appreciate the reviews.NM

    1. NM,
      I keep meaning to get myself a portable charger for city life. It never fails when that I need a quick recharge to keep me going before I can make it back to the car or my house.

  2. Are there any lighter options you night recommend?

    1. If you just want to go light, I would recommend the Goal Zero Switch 8 Portable Recharger. While, I have never used it, the device has great reviews. It weighs a little more than 3 oz, which is very light. However, you will probably get less than a full charge on most smart phones. So you need to evaluate your need to reduce weight vs. how many charges you will need.

  3. We needed a charger last night. Power went out unexpectantly and cell was low. Luckily, was enough charge on laptop to help power up cell. NM

    1. I heard a lot people around Dallas lost power for a while too. The weather hasn't hit us yet, but the skies do look dark.

  4. Earlier today, I tried clicking on a green banner for phone charger ad.The link was not working. Will try again in a few seconds. Could have been limited net due to fact I was in a public building at the time. NM

  5. Green banners worked today. Yesterday I followed link for tea. I want some hibiscus tea from them.. Also, the ruffwear has neat-neat doggie stuff!! Wish I could afford their dog beds for my pup.


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