Amazon Dog Food and Treats Sample Box (Video)

What’s in the Box?!?! An Amazon Dog Sample Box 

First up is a 12.5-ounce can of Ideal Balance Beef and Zucchini stew. Angela and BeeGee both love wet food so they will be excited for this in a future meal. A single can cost around $2.80 or $30 for a twelve pack.  Personally, I think this is a little expensive as a long term feeding option.

Next is 2 Cesar Classic 3.5-ounce trays. One is “With Beef in Meaty Juices” and the other is “Grilled Chicken Flavor in Meaty Juices”. Angela and BeeGee both seemed pretty interested in the packages so I’m guessing they smelled something tasty.  However, the weird names make it sounds like there isn’t really any meat.  This will probably be a one time treat.  Single trays are $0.70 while a 24 pack is around $15

The third item is a Wellness Trufood tray. This item has a neat concept, it has a layer of pumpkin on top and a layer of duck and lamb on the bottom.  Overall, this is an expensive meal though.  The package states 3 containers per 6 pounds, which is 25 trays for a BeeGee feeding.  This will also be a nice one time treat for the girls. A single try cost between $2 and 3 while a pack of 24 cost $55.

Fourth, is a tiny greenies treat, which are supposed to be great for dog’s teeth.  I guess I will cut it in half and see if they have fresh breath afterward.  45 small or 27 regular will cost around $20. 

Fifth, is a pack of Raw Boost Mixers. I think the purpose of this is to boost the healthiness of lower quality food, but I’m not really sure.  I am going to use this in Angela’s kibble.  She is an extremely picky eater and I am hoping this will add enough excitement for her to finish her meal.  A 14-ounce bag would be around 26 servings for BeeGee at a cost of around $20.  If you feed your pup high-quality kibble, I’d probably skip a booster. However, this would probably be good once in a while, after an extra hard day of working, or recovering from illness.

Second to last we have Ideal Balance Soft-Baked Naturals.  These little treats are a good size for medium to large dogs to prevent over-snacking.  As you can see in the video the girls were excited about the treats, but not so excited as to try and snatch.  These treats seem like they are worth further investigation. For $6 you can get a 12.8-ounce bag.

Finally, Honest Kitchen Chicken Revel dog food.  I am by far most excited about this sample because this should be an amazing product for hiking or backpacking.  While it won’t be much/any lighter, it should take up considerably less space.  Expect a full report in the near future. A 2-pound box cost $16 and makes 8-pounds of dog food.

You can check it out here:  While supplies last you will earn a $9.99 credit toward dog food and treats.  This is a great deal so hurry and check it out.


  1. Thank you for bringing these awesome sample boxes to my attention. I was looking for other Amazon sample boxes and it seems like all they ever have is a teeth whitening box. Here's to hoping they add a lot more boxes soon!

    1. The one that is usually available is the teeth whitening box, but every once in a while they add something new. Just this week I saw a work out goody box.


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