Stove Basics - Part 1

Basic Information and Lessons Learned

Between Jack and myself we now have a healthy collection of various stoves, and each type comes with its benefits and weaknesses. To investigate some our stoves characteristics, Jack and I have entered the pseudo-science realm of timed water boiling test. You can check out our playlist here: Stove Test.

Canister Stoves

Jack (Etekcity) and I (Primus Yellowstone Classic) both have canister stoves and they have been the staple backing stove for Team Adventures with BeeGee. Through our initial testing and field experience, this type of stove is the fastest to boil and is the least affected by wind. Most canister stoves have a fuel control knob, which will give you greater control between simmering and a quick boil.

A type of canister stove
Etekcity Backpacking Stove 

Canister stoves are light weight, but their fuel canisters can be large and heavy. Plus, the fuel canister doesn’t really get any lighter the more fuel is used. Additionally, canister stoves are extremely easy to use; they can be lit with any flame and some even have piezo ignitors to auto-light. Canister stoves are very low maintenance because there are generally no moving parts except the screw threads to put the stove together and attach it to the fuel canister.  Two gasses are used in the pressurized canister iso-butane and propane, which will burn fine in temperatures above freezing. Lastly, it is recommended that no windscreen is used because the canister can warm up from trapped heat and explode.

My go to canister stove
Primus Yellowstone Classic Trail Stove

 Esbit (Solid Fuel) Stoves

Jack (Esbit Pocket Stove) and I (Gram Cracker Stove) both have solid fuel stoves, but Jack has more experience using his on our adventures. Through our initial testing and field experience, this type of stove is slower at boiling water and is possibly the most affected by wind.  Additionally, unless you buy a fancy tool, there is no way to control the burn, so for most simmering isn’t an option. However, with a windscreen Esbit stoves are incredibly lightweight and have an average boil time. 

A simple stove for solid fuel
Esbit Pocket Stove

The Esbit tabs are a chemical called hexamine, but you can find other tabs at military surplus stores called trioxane which has comparatively poorer performance. Moreover, solid fuel stoves are an incredibly lightweight setup, easy to use, no maintenance. Other than opening the stove/platform up, there are no moving parts and all you will need is a flat/level surface. Furthermore, low temperatures shouldn’t have much of an effect, but energy output makes solid fuel stoves less than ideal for melting snow. Finally, Esbit tabs have a really strange smell and the tabs will leave a residue on your stove and the bottom of your pot.

can be used with the Caldera Cone
Trail Designs Gram Cracker Stove

Make sure you stay tuned for the second part and our coverage on alcohol stoves and wood stoves. 

The Giveaway

First off Team Adventures with BeeGee would like to congratulate Anais R. for winning our Wildo Kasa Mug and a big thank you to everyone who joined the giveaway.

The winner of adventures with BeeGee Giveaway
Jack taking a photo with Anais and her new Wildo Kasa mug

This month we are giving away an Exotec PolyStrike fire starter that Jack received in a recent Prepper Gear Box. It will be more than enough to light your stove of choice.

This month's Giveaway: Exotech PolyStrike Fire Starter

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Go ahead and let us know about your go to stove or that dream stove you’d love to have one day. Also, if you like the blog follow us on Facebook to keep up to date.


  1. I don't know anything about stoves but this was really interesting to read :)

  2. I'm glad you found it interesting. Let us know if you think of any stove questions.


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